Cleaning and Maintenance of your court is one of the most important things that can be done to preserve the longevity, and appearance of your court.

Like maintaining any asset, properly cleaning and inspecting your court is critical the long-term enjoyment of your court. Our maintenance service includes the removal of any algae, debris, and foreign chemicals from your court. If left on your court for long periods of time, these affected areas may become problematic. Problem areas will cause the court to become slippery, paint to peel, and may even cause the deterioration of your court’s surface.


To maximize the useful life of any type of court, we recommend that owners develop and implement a regular schedule of court maintenance. Regular inspection and repair of minor irregularities is more cost effective than allowing the court to deteriorate to the point of requiring major repairs.

At the time of inspection, we will grease your net posts cranks (and basketball hoops if you own one), tighten your net and adjust your centre strap. We will thoroughly inspect the court for hairline and larger cracks and recommend proper, and necessary repair. When cleaning, we use specific solutions that will not damage or ruin the materials used in the construction of your specific court.

Court Resurfacing
& Repair

For more severe issues and damage, Court Contractors offers court resurfacing and repair services for all types of sport courts. Based on our vast experience, acquired over more than 45 years in the industry, we will only perform repairs that we know will provide a long-term solution.
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Commitment to Value
& Satisfaction

With decades of experience, the Court Contractors team adheres to rigorous standards while delivering the best value through competitive pricing, and unparalleled customer service ensuring that your court(s) will be maintained right, on time, and to last. You can depend us to be responsive, accessible and passionate about your sports court maintenance projects.

Here for You Today
& Tomorrow

For over 45 years our clients can depended on us to be there throughout the project and for all their court maintenance needs. At Court Contractors, we believe that making your court a reality is the result of close collaboration. We look forward to the opportunity of serving you and your court maintenance needs.

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