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Tennis Courts Resurfacing

An asphalt court needs periodic resurfacing to restore a uniform playing surface and desired playing characteristics. These characteristics include aesthetics, speed of play, ball bounce, sure footing, and comfort. Quality of original construction, quality of acrylic coatings, usage, site conditions, and player expectations dictate when resurfacing is required. We are certified installers of California Sport Surfaces – surface of the US OPEN and AUSTRALIAN OPEN.

Tennis Court Resurfacing

Court Repair Experts

Besides being experts at the construction of new tennis courts, we are experts in the restoration of existing courts. Our resurfacing services will extend the life of your existing court and repair any incurred deterioration. Based on our vast experience of over 40 years in the industry, we will only perform repairs that we know will provide a long-term solution. Our goal is to provide a high performance surface, using highest quality products, that will last a long time.

The most common problem with asphalt courts is cracking. If you notice that your court is cracked, it’s time to repair it. Unless you like playing on an uneven surface, cracked courts can cause injury and exacerbate the deterioration of the asphalt court.

We are a certified installer of Armor Crack Repair System, armorcrackrepair.com. one of the most trusted names in the industry and Guardian Crack Repair guardiancrackrepair.com

When Resurfacing Isn’t Enough

There are some instances in which the level of deterioration is so great that resurfacing won’t be enough. When resurfacing isn’t a viable option, we can install an asphalt penetration lift over the court’s surface. We will only resurface your existing court if we can provide a long-term solution. If not, these asphalt penetration lifts result in brand new surfaces without the expense and disruption of removing your existing court. You save money and get a gorgeous new court.

The 5-Year Guarantee

When you use our services for the construction of new courts, you get our five year guarantee. We attest that our courts will remain crack-free for five years which is something that most contractors can’t offer. The reason we are able to provide our customers with a guarantee such as this is because we are confident in our work. Our guarantee may also apply to resurfacing depending on what the job entails, more specifically if the work involves the installation of a fibreglass membrane.

For more information about court resurfacing, contact us today to arrange a site meeting, discuss repair options and to recieve a free quotation. Whether your court has suffered one crack or many, Court Contractors Ltd. will take care of it.


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