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    Types of Tennis Courts

    At Court Contractors Ltd., tennis is our business. We can create various types of courts including asphalt, clay and synthetic surfaces.

    • Asphalt Penetration:This is also referred to as soft asphalt. It is uses layers of clear stone where each layer is sprayed with a rapid setting liquid asphalt to give it a sliding surface that is easy on the back, knees and feet. This type of court does not require any maintenance, and the coarsest stone used is ¾” clear through to the final layer, which is 1/16” in size.
    • Hotmix:Also known as hard asphalt, the surface of a hotmix court is comprised of compacted fine asphalt put in place by a mechanical spreader.
    • Har Tru:This is a clay court with a surface of about 1 inch in thickness and like soft asphalt it provides a sliding surface. Clay courts are made of a computerized mix of crushed volcanic rock that requires watering and rolling to keep its playability. The amount of play will determine how much maintenance is required for this kind of court.
    • Acrylic Surfaces:This surface is specifically geared for asphalt penetration and hotmix courts. We use only the best – California Sport Surfaces – the surface provider of the US Open and the Australian Open..
    • Synthetic Surfaces:Synthetic surfaces include artificial grass, artificial clay, cushion overlays and the latest manufactured surface product. We’ve seen so many different products and technological “advancements” with tennis court construction so we know what works and what doesn’t.

    Crack-free Courts For 5 Years

    Our new court guarantee covers all labour and materials which is something that most contractors do not offer. For 35 years, we’ve been building quality courts that we can be proud of. We stand by our products and our new court installation guarantee reflects that. Court Contractors Ltd. guarantees that your court will remain crack-free for five years. That’s a long time for a surface that has to withstand inclement weather, humidity and heating issues, and of course, athletic humans who spend their days and nights perfecting their serve.

    Our name says it all. We specialize in the construction of new tennis courts because tennis is our business. Contact Court Contractors Ltd. today and we’ll get started on your gorgeous new tennis court tomorrow.

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